Loyal’s Breakthrough: First Longevity Clinical Study Design Fetches FDA Approval

FDA approves first design of a clinical study on longevity

Loyal, an early-stage veterinary company that develops drugs to prolong the lifespan and health of dogs, announced today it had received FDA protocol approval for its companion dog study.

Longevity. Technology: Loyal’s mission is to make dogs live healthier, longer lives. This means developing the first FDA approved drugs that are specifically intended to increase lifespan. Loyal has to run a clinical study that objectively and robustly proves that the drug increases dogs’ healthy life expectancy – and that it does so safely. Loyal has to build the FDA approval path from scratch because no one else has ever developed a drug that extends healthy lifespan in dogs or humans.

Loyal announced today that it received protocol approval from the FDA for its companion canine longevity study last week. It’s good news for biotechs working in the longevity sector. This news is especially welcome because it comes the same day as Silicon Valley Bank, a tech lender that collapsed. The bank was taken over by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.


First longevity clinical study design fetches FDA approval

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