Looking at the benefits of turning back time: Exploring the possibility of metformin as a cure for the Senesonic/Sensonic pandemic plague

The pill that turns back the clock
Am I wrong to wonder about Metformin’s true benefits in combating the Senesonic-Sensonic Pandemic Plague that mankind calls aging? Metformin is used since the 1920s. We have never found an older person living more than 125 years that claims they took metformin to treat diabetes. Metformin has shown to be a resistance against diabetes because it prevents the liver from producing too much glucose. Is it a longevity drug for mankind? You decide… I discovered this link in the Antonei Benjamin Csoka page on the Book of Faces Respect r.p.berry & AEWR, wherein we found the causes and a remedy for the Pandemic plague that mankind has named aging…

Is it logical to treat aging as a medical condition?


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