Liz Parrish, RAADFest 2019, explores the potential of gene therapy.

Liz Parrish at RAADfest (05-Oct-2018)
Hayley Harrison sent this video taken by AndresGrases, and posted to Youtube… I am certain that Gene Therapy will not increase life span to 125 years or more due to the Animal Eukartyotic Cell of the Earth having a plague which infects and causes early cell death.

This year, I had the honor of recording in full Liz Parrish’s talk at RAADfest 2019, (Revolution Against Aging and Death Festival), which was held in Las Vegas from 3 to 6 October.

Liz will tell us what recent advances in gene therapy have been and how her company BioViva uses it to help society.

The video also includes a 10-minute Q&A. Don’t miss it, you’ll be enlightened.



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