Liz Parrish, Awesome Health Podcast, explores gene therapy and bioinformatics to unlock the fountain of youth.

Listen to the Awesome Health Podcast: Seeking immortality through gene therapy — with Liz Parrish
Bioinformatics at Rutgers University tackling the signs of aging is my favorite part.

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Awesome Health Episode 155

Liz Parrish is the guest on this episode and she believes that people should demand access to gene therapy.

Liz says that if the human race had prioritized our funds better, we could have had effective gene therapy today to treat and heal a variety of diseases. For example, trillions of dollars were invested in war machines when they could have been used to advance humanity towards a healthier, productive and enjoyable life.

Liz, as you can see is not just a dreamer. She’s also a doer.
Liz is the founder and CEO of BioViva. She devotes her entire life to scientific advances that increase healthy lifespans for humans by using cell technology.

Liz will tell that aging is caused by the accumulation of cell damage. Her company uses BioInformatics for gaining knowledge by collecting, storing and analyzing clinical study data. Liz is a proponent of overhauling the U.S. healthcare system to allow drugs that have been proven effective in animal tests to be available more quickly for human patients. The healthcare needs of our aging population are urgent.

Liz is well-known as a science enthusiast and a speaker. She is a motivating speaker and a proponent for regenerative medicine. She is passionate about educating the public on gene therapy, a promising field. She is also involved in international media outreach.


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