Living Longer Lives – Navigating Eternal Existence at a Time of Longevity Breakthroughs

How to live in a world where no one dies

Three score and ten was so 1970s. The average UK baby will now live to the dawn of the 22nd Century. We are hearing more and more claims about longevity breakthroughs which could take children and their parents to triple digits or beyond. Do we really want eternal life? How will society cope with eternal life?

Marvin said, \”The first 10 million years were the worst.\” Marvin continued, \”The second 10 million years were also the worst.\” I did not enjoy the third ten millions years. \”After that, I started to decline.\”

Marvin, Douglas Adams’ paranoid Android, is adamant that the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy protagonists are being followed around by a grumbling, bumbling storm cloud. Marvin, a functionally immortal android (and cursed by a \”brain as big as a planet\”) is the hubristic fantasy of eternal life stamped and printed in circuitry. Marvin, while his shipmates stutter from disaster to disaster, using their limited abilities to avoid death at any cost, is glumly plodding along. He bemoans the futility of an endless existence where there’s nothing to learn and no challenge for his intellect, in which everyone, even his closest companion, a small rat who nestled in his foot, dies. Except him.


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