Liquid biopsy tests: Revolutionizing cancer detection

New liquid biopsy tests aim to prevent cancer mortality

As firms test their cancer tests, new liquid biopsy tests that require only a small blood sample could help prevent the majority of cancer deaths.

The new liquid biopsy tests promise to reduce cancer deaths by a large percentage with an inexpensive and simple blood draw. This article was originally published on LongevityFacts. Brady Hartman is the author.

It is possible to get a simple blood test for $500 that will tell you if there is a tumor in your body and where it is located. Johns Hopkins University announced earlier this year a test that detects eight types of cancer. The test may be inexpensive enough to prescribe during a routine physical.

The JHU test does not represent the only early cancer warning test. Several organizations are working on low-cost methods of early detection, which is the closest we can get to a cure for cancer.


New Liquid Biopsy Tests Aim to Prevent Cancer Mortality

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