Lifespan Extension with Brief Rapamycin Exposure: Uncovering the Potential of Geroprotection

The remarkable anti-aging drug delivers positive effects on health and lifespan with brief exposure
Imagine taking a drug that keeps you young and healthy, while preventing the decline of age. Scientists are looking for drugs with these effects. Rapamycin is the most promising drug for anti-aging. Rapamycin is well known for its positive effect on health and longevity in laboratory studies. To maximize the benefits of the drug, it is usually given for life. Even at low doses, which are used to prevent age-related decline, side effects can occur. It is also always best to use the lowest dose effective. The Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging, Cologne, Germany has shown that rapamycin can have the same positive effect on laboratory animals as if it were given for life. This could have a wide range of applications in human medicine.

Scientists are increasingly focusing on the negative effects associated with aging. Although lifestyle changes can help older people stay healthy, they are not enough to combat the negative effects of aging. Repurposing medications to ‘geroprotection,’ provides an additional weapon for the prevention of age related decline.

Rapamycin is the anti-aging drug that has shown to be most effective. It is a cell growth inhibiter and immunosuppressant, which is used for cancer treatment and organ transplants. \”At doses used in clinical practice, rapamycin may have unwanted side effects. However, for use as a preventative measure against age-related decline, they must be minimal or absent. We wanted to know when and for how long to administer rapamycin to achieve the same results as a lifelong treatment, explains Dr. Paula Juricic. She is the principal investigator of the study at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging, under the direction of Prof. Linda Partridge.


Remarkable Anti-Aging Drug Delivers Positive Effects on Health and Lifespan With Brief Exposure

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