Laying the foundation for a systematized longevity industry: The Global Longevity Consortium’s year-long mission

First time ever, the longevity industry is systematized

A close-up view of the image above!

UK aging foundation publishes a roadmap for the new longevity industry. The reports will be released throughout the year.

London, UK, Friday, February 2, 2017: As part of The Global Longevity Consortium (Biogerontology, Deep Knowledge Life Sciences and Aging Analytics Agency), the Biogerontology Foundation embarked upon a one-year mission to summarize in a single document all the emerging technologies and industries that can be used to combat aging and healthy longevity. International platform.

Scientists, policymakers, regulators and government officials as well as investors and other stakeholders have a fragmented understanding of the human longevity field. It has also not been systematized in a coherent framework. Moreover, no comprehensive report has yet been produced by an analytical agency profiling the industry and the field. The consortium behind these reports hopes that they can be used to create a kind of Encyclopedia Britannica or specialized Wikipedia for the emerging longevity industry. This will serve as the basis upon which the industry’s first global framework will be built.


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