Klotho, the Queen of Proteins: Unveiling its anti-aging properties

Klotho, Queen of Anti-Aging Proteins

Klotho is a protein that has been named after one the Fates in Greek mythology. At this moment, there are no contenders. Klotho gene therapies, such as the one provided by Integrated Health Systems have many benefits. It is primarily produced in the brain and kidneys, but its soluble form circulates all over the body. The majority of research has been conducted by nephrologists who are interested in its role in Chronic Kidney disease (CKD). However, in the past decade its role in the aging processes of people has become a hot topic for intense research.

Klotho-deficient mice age prematurely in many organs.

KL overexpression using a viral vector like AAV not only reverses premature aging but also increases resistance to oxidative damage and ischemic injury. KL extends mice’s lifespans, which is likely due to its ability to inhibit IGF and insulin signals. It is referred to as an \”aging suppressor\” gene and can produce results similar with caloric restrictions – the best method for extending lifespans in a wide range of model organisms.


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