Klotho: A Potential Treatment for Aging and Dementia

Could a protein called klotho stop aging and dementia?

Could a protein named klotho stop aging and dementia

Scientists say that more klotho is associated with better cognitive function. A UCSF researcher improved the brain function of mice with Alzheimer’s by injecting Klotho. The researcher hopes that the treatment can be applied to humans in order to treat dementia and aging. [Introduction from Brady Hartman followed by a hyperlink to the complete article]

Dr. Dena DUBAL, a neuroscientist and Neurologist, wants to use a protein named Klotho to fight dementia and ageing. Dr. Dubal is an associate professor at UC San Francisco and a neuroscientist. She wants to use this new approach to fight neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Professor Dubal wants to stop the aging process, rather than fight these diseases. Dr. Dubal tests the potential of this protein as a therapy. The researcher discovered that administering the protein gave mice a cognitive boost equivalent to genetically boosting klotho. Dr. Dubal noted that the mice with a similar condition to Alzheimer’s had been injected with the protein.


Could a protein named klotho block aging and dementia?

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