Kizoo Technology Capital leads seed round financing for Underdog Pharmaceuticals

Kizoo Technology Capital provides seed funding to Underdog Pharmaceuticals

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., November 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Underdog Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (Underdog), SENS Research Foundation, (SRF) announced today the launch of Underdog, and the completion its seed round, which provided $3.95M to promote Underdog’s development of disease modifying treatments for age-related diseases and atherosclerosis. SRF announced two senior appointments.

Michael Greve, through Kizoo Technology Capital (part of the Forever Healthy Group), is leading the Underdog round. Kizoo Technology Capital is one of the most prominent organizations focused on rejuvenation biotechnologies. The Underdog round also includes Oculus founder Michael Antonov via Tubus, LLC, as well as financier Harald McPike via Chambray Worldwide, Ltd.

Underdog is a product of a SRF flagship program, which has been the driving force behind two years of research and development to repair cardiovascular diseases. Matthew O’Connor Ph.D., and Michael Kope – formerly V.P. SRF’s founding CEO and Director of Research, respectively.


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