Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens Celebrate a Century of Love Together!

Kirk Douglas is 102 years old, but his wife just turned 100! Check Out Their History Together

KIRK DOUGLAS and his wife are now 100 years old together. I’ve always liked Kirk Douglas and his son Michael Douglas. I was so fond of them that I asked their Hollywood agent, William Morris, more than 20 years ago if Kirk Douglas might be interested in purchasing a script, and playing the part of the lead character. The script is-was an account of a biographical section of my life, and a Jewish War Hero from Russia, whom I met and befriended a few months before his death.

Kirk Douglas will celebrate his next milestone birthday on the 9th of December. Douglas’s most loyal fans are aware of this fact! Many people are unaware that Anne Buydens just celebrated her 100th birthday. What a long-lived family! This couple has been together for 64 years, and the actor refers to his wife as his \”soulmate.\” How sweet!

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are also part of the Douglas clan. Anne is not as well-known as other family members, but this time she’s in the spotlight!

Anne Buydens, born in Hanover in Germany in 1919, moved with her family to Belgium in 1920. She was educated and spoke several languages including English, German and French. Kirk Douglas asked her out in 1953 while she was working and living in Paris.


Kirk Douglas Is 102 Years Old, But His Wife Turned 100! Take A Look At Their History Together

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