Ketamine and flickering light: Potential for rejuvenating aging brains

Ketamine or flickering light can be used to rejuvenate mouse brains


Summary: Ketamine exposure and flickering 60-hertz light shows promise as a potential new, noninvasive therapy that could help rejuvenate an aging brain.

Source: IST Austria

Are you able to recall the scent of flowers from your grandmother’s flower garden, or the tune that your grandfather used to always whistle? Your brain seems to have a few childhood memories ingrained. There are certain critical periods during which the brain can learn and store profound cognitive routines. The perineuronal network is the structure that saves them.

This extracellular structure surrounds certain neurons and stabilizes the existing synapses between them, while preventing new ones from developing. What if we were able to remove this perineuronal network and restore the adaptability a young brain has? Sandra Siegert, a neuroscientist at IST Austria and her team have now published two promising methods to achieve this.


Rejuvenating Mouse Brains With Ketamine or Flickering Light

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