Keith Comito, Ending Aging Conference Interview: Unlocking Secrets of Rejuvenation

Undoing Aging With Keith Comito

Interview with Keith Comito from the recent Ending Aging Conference in Berlin, which we conducted in collaboration with Anna Dobryukha of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Undoing Aging, a conference organized by the SENS Research Foundation in collaboration with Michael Greve’s Forever Healthy Foundation in Berlin from March 15-17, brought together researchers, advocates and investors to discuss the most recent advances in rejuvenation technology.

We decided to work with Anna Dobryukha on some of the most interesting interviews, as we had already arranged for her to come to us. She is one of the top Russian journalists who writes about aging and longevity research. Anna is a journalist for Komsomolskaya Pravda – one of Russia’s largest publishing houses. It has a newspaper and radio station as well as a website that attracts over 40,000,000 readers. Anna also published an interview based on the one above and others taken at the conference. You can read it here.

Anna and Elena conducted an interview with LEAF President Keith Comito during the conference. They asked him about the crowdfunding process and the challenges that we face in our role as full-time advocates. The participants in this dialogue are Steve Hill (S), Elena Milova, Keith Comito (K), and Anna (A).


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