Juvenescence’s Rejuvenation August 2018 Roundup: Investing in the Future

Rejuvenation August 2018 Round-up

LEAF’s August 2018 Roundup is here!

Life extension has had a great month, and we hope you have enjoyed it. Do not be disappointed by the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. We are slowly but surely moving away from the autumnal years.

Increased investments to combat aging

Investors are taking the fight against aging more and more serious. They realize that effective rejuvenative treatments can change the world, as well as offer a great chance for profit. Juvenescence Limited has announced that it will purchase 14,4 million shares in AgeX Therapeutics, a company dedicated to extending human life expectancy, for a total amount of $43 million. AgeX’s focus is on telomerase-upregulation and cell therapy. Juvenescence invested in AgeX previously. Fight Aging! has reported on and discussed the news. The news has been reported and commented on Fight Aging!


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