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Join Dr. Bill Andrews for The Joe Rogan Experience
This video was made to get Dr. Bill Andrews on the Joe Rogan Experience. This can be done in many different ways. Please start by joining the Facebook group: GET DR. BILL ANDREWS ON THE JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE:…e_internal

If Dr. Bill Andrews/Sierra Sciences gets more funding, I think we will be closer to reversing aging in humans by finding stronger human activators. (50 million USD should probably be enough to allow Dr. Andrews’ team to find stronger human activators within one year).

I want to help you improve your life dramatically by breaking bad habits and building new healthy ones. I do the research, read all the books and then share with you my findings!

– My book review of Telomere Lengthening: Curing all diseases including cancer & aging by Dr. Bill Andrews:
Brent Nally believes that this is the reason babies do not have the same age at birth as their parents.
– Watch the documentary \”The Immortalists\” about Dr. Bill Andrews & Dr. Aubrey de Grey:
– Watch my interview of Dr. Aubrey de Grey:
Lack of funding prevents a cure for human aging.

– Dr. Andrew’s Facebook:
– Dr. Andrew’s LinkedIn:
– Dr. Andrew’s Wikipedia:
– Sierra Sciences website:

Forever Labs discount code for 1 year of free cryogenic storage (value $250): BN801
– Forever Labs website:


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