John Smart: Exploring Outer and Inner Space to Discover the Goodness of Our Universe

The Goodness of the Universe – John Smart
Outer Space and Inner Space: The Future of Networks
Synopsis: Is there any evidence in the history, dynamics, and structure of our universe that it is \”Good\” by nature? Does it seem to be statistically protecting of intelligence and adapted complexity? What aspects of our big history seem random? Which aspects of the big history of our universe are random? Why have both universal and societal change accelerated, and been so stable? What is the difference between a random evolution and a logical progression in our universe? In the future, will humanity venture into outer space or escape to a virtual and physical inner space? What can we learn from Earth’s long history? Are we seeing any improvement in human thought or action? Is anthropogenic (growing pains or existential) risk a concern? How can we reduce such risks? What are the values of well-built networks? What can we learn from the most adaptive complex network to improve our futures as individuals, teams, organizations, societies, global and universal? I will touch on these important questions that I have been researching since 1999 and writing about. I will also discuss them with the community of scholars who attend Evo-Devo Universe. Since 2008.

See John’s Goodness of the Universe Post on Centauri dreams, or \”Evolutionary Development, A Universal Perspective\” in 2019.

John writes about Foresight Development, (personal, team and organizational), Evolutionary Development, Complex Adaptive Systems (Evo-Devo), Big History, Astrobiology and Outer and Inner Spaces, Human-Machine Mergers, the Future of AI and Neuroscience.
He is the CEO of Foresight University. He also founded the Acceleration Study Foundation and co-founded the Evo-Devo Universe Research Community and the Brain Preservation Foundation. He is the editor of Evolution, Development, and Complexity, (Springer 2019,) and Introduction to foresight, Personal, Team, and Organisational Adaptiveness, (Foresight U Press, 2022). He is the author of The Transcension Hypothesis, which proposes that universal development leads adaptive networks into inner physical and virtual space.

This is a talk I gave at the \”Stepping into the future\” conference (April 2022).…ohn-smart/

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