Joe Betts Lacroix, Ending Age Related Diseases Conference 2018, explores the different approaches to overcoming age-related diseases.

Joe Betts Lacroix: Entrepreneurial Focuses for Aging
We hosted the Ending Age Related Diseases 2018 Conference at the Cooper Union in New York City earlier this year. The conference brought together some of the top minds in aging research, biotech investments and industry experts.

Joe Betts Lacroix, Y Combinator and Vium, discusses how entrepreneurs can overcome the diseases of aging by focusing on direct, indirect and money-first methods, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Joe is the principal technical founder of the hardware/software startup OQO. OQO entered the Guinness Book of World Records by building the world’s smallest PC. He has experience in biotech research and electronics design. He is very experienced in invention, patent prosecution, and monetization. He has more than 80 granted and pending patents in areas ranging from antennas and safety systems, to thermal systems, analog electronics, and user interfaces. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles in biophysics, genetics and electronics. Joe has a Harvard A.B. and an MIT S.M. A Caltech research fellowship and an MIT S.M.


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