Joao Magalhaes, Professor at the University of Liverpool, explores the possibilities of slowing down ageing.

Slowing Ageing – Joao Pedro Magalhaes, Prof University of Liverpool & Founder Magellan Science Ltd
We have always believed that aging, disease and death are unavoidable events. Those who dared to question this were shunned for trying to play God.

You will be amazed if you look deeper. Bowhead whales can live over 200 years. \”Turriptosis Dohnri\”, a jellyfish, lives forever. Can these #genetic traits be reproduced in humans? Can #senescence #cells be removed to slow down aging? Is it possible to reverse or control aging? Can we age healthily? Over 100000 deaths a day are due to aging.

Joao de Magalhaes, microbiologist & founder of Magellan Science Ltd. shares his insights about the science behind #humanlongevity#gerontology.

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Joao Magalhaes, a professor at the University of Liverpool (England), is an expert in Portuguese.
His lab studies the biology of aging, especially at the genetic level.

Prof Pedro is working to make people live healthier and longer lives by manipulating human aging. he has over 100 publications, some in top journals, such as Science, Nature, and Cell Family journals, and over 100 invited lectures, including a TEDx presentation.

Scientific publications (New Scientist, Scientific American, Science, etc.) have featured his research on slowing ageing down. And in the popular media (BBC CNN Time magazine Washington Post Financial Times Financial Times, Washington Post, Scientific American, etc.).
Prof. Pedro also serves as a consultant/advisor to countless organizations, such as nonprofit foundations and universities, investment funds, biotech companies, etc.

He believes that the human condition represents only the beginnings of an extraordinary journey for the mind in the universe. Genetic engineering, stem cell technology, cybernetics and nanotechnology are all technologies that will help us ‘hack’ our biology and evolve past the limits of humankind. He calls himself a “transhumanist” & argues that we have a better chance at survival if technology is understood and used, rather than banned.
Prof Pedro has published his work in magazines like Futures, The Futurist and newspapers such as The Independent on how technology will change the human condition. He is a humanist atheist whose life philosophy combines utilitarianism with objectivism and humanism.

\”May dreams today become reality\”


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