Joan Mannick, Dr. resTORbio, discusses the anti-aging potential of Rapamycins and Rapalogs.

An Interview with Dr. Joan Mannick, resTORbio

resTORbio is a Boston-based firm that studies and commercializes rapamycins and rapalogs. Tam Hunt spoke with Dr. Joan Mannick, a representative of the company, to learn more about this promising antiaging therapeutic.

Blagoskonny has claimed that rapamycin, rapalogs and other anti-aging treatments are effective for both humans and animals today because they stop \”quasiprogrammed hypertrophy\”. What is your opinion on Blagoskonny?

Blagoskonny’s theory strikes me as very intriguing. There is evidence that mTOR increases cell growth and hyperactivity in aging tissues. It may be because of this that TORC1 inhibitors are beneficial in age-related diseases.


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