James Peyer, Apollo Ventures, Interviewed on the Secrets of Anti-Aging

Interview with Apollo Ventures, which invests in anti-aging companies

James Peyer is a scientist and entrepreneur who has worked with biotech and pharmaceutical companies. He has a particular interest in developing new therapeutic classes. James Peyer founded Apollo in order to provide strategic, scientific, and financial support for biotech entrepreneurs as they develop the next generation medicines.

James Peyer earned his PhD at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas. He was also a National Science Foundation Fellow. James Peyer worked on stem cell biology and gene therapy. At the age of 21, he founded his first business, Genotyp, to revolutionize hands-on science learning in the US. Genotyp’s innovative leasing model for biotech equipment and its instructor training won it approval from the White House as well as the National Institutes of Health. It was the first biotech firm to receive funding via Kickstarter.com. He graduated with honors in immunology from the University of Chicago.

The latest discoveries in aging biology can be used to treat age-related diseases and prolong healthy lifespan.


Interview with Apollo Ventures which funds anti-aging companies

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