Interview with Dr. Harold Katcher on Exploring Reversed age by over 54%

The Theory of Aging
This is the FOURTH part of the interview conducted with Harold Katcher on the Modern Healthspan YouTube Channel.

Harold Katcher, PhD is Professor of Biology at University of Maryland. He is a pioneer of cancer research and the modernization of gene sequencing and hunting. He has expertise in chronobiology, biotechnology, and bioinformatics. Dr. Katcher currently works as Chief Technical Officer for Nugenics Research, exploring rejuvenation treatment in mammals.
A paper was published in May 2020 on biorxiv regarding the rejuvenation by more than 50% of rats. You can read our review of the article by clicking on the link above. In this interview, we speak with Dr. Harold Katcher about the experiment, how to validate it, how commercialization works, and the way the results fit in his theories on aging.

In this video, Dr. Katcher discusses his theories about aging. He believes that it is a programmed process in us which is malleable. His theories are very compelling and interesting.

Here is Dr. Katcher’s 2015 paper on the Theory of Aging:
A model of aging based on evidence.

The paper on plasma exchange can be found here

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