Interview with Dr. Aubrey de Grey at SENS: Exploring Aging Biology and the Promise of Longevity

Brent Nally interviews Aubrey de Grey at SENS on 17 July 2019
I want to help you improve your life dramatically by breaking bad habits and building new healthy ones. I do the research, read all the books and then share with you my findings!

This video is an Interview with Dr. Aubrey de Grey at SENS on 17 July 2019. Lauren Nally was my wife and our camerawoman.

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Enter \”Aubrey de Grey\”, his lectures and interviews, into YouTube.
1:50 Update of the state of anti-aging industry and explosion of interest from the private sector.
5:05 Intro for Aubrey
5:35 My May 30, 2019 interview with Sierra Sciences CEO Dr. Bill Andrews:
The diversity of anti-aging messages is increasing.
7:10 My July 10, 2019 interview with BioViva CEO Liz Parrish:
Aubrey gives his latest thoughts on the role telomerase plays in human cancer.
12:00 Liz had here telomeres tested by SpectraCell Laboratories: & LifeLength:
There have been recent tests on humans to study the biology of ageing.
15:44 To Aubrey & I, aging is a major problem. But most people don’t get it.
18:40 There is a profound difference in the way scientists and technologists think.
22:11 Watch the documentary \”The Immortalists\” about Dr. Aubrey de Grey & Dr. Bill Andrews:
Updates on anti-aging research & investments at 22:58.
30:01 Stem cell therapy is used to replace cells that have been lost.
30:50 – We have a huge funding problem in order to reverse the aging of humans.
We must inform the public about the fact that ageing is responsible for 100,000 deaths per year and we can reverse this by funding research to reverse biological age.
36:52 Can human aging be considered a disease or a condition?
FDA’s progress in treating age-related diseases and conditions.
47:38 World Health Organization ICD progress in treating age-related conditions and diseases
50:02 Trans-NIH Geroscience Interest Group
The \”triangular blockage\” in funding between governments, scientists, and the public is 54:40.
Aubrey explains why SENS is still around.
1:00:38 Ethereum founder Vitalik buterin & SENS donors.
Undoing Aging, a spring conference in Berlin is held each year.
Aubrey has been with AgeX for two years as the Vice President of New Technology Discovery.
Jeff Bezos gave $100 million in 2018 to Unity Biotechnology, Inc.
1:11:02 Failure of the (Larry Ellison) Medical Foundation to reverse human aging.
Google co-founders create Calico instead of investing or donating to Sens
Aubrey gives details on his lifestyle and his suggestions for a healthy life.
Aubrey is astonished by the \”foot soldiers\” who have lasted a long time.
Do what you enjoy as much as possible to avoid mental, physical, and emotional stress.
Aubrey follows all longevity therapies in order to determine their effectiveness & safety.
Aubrey’s comments & my story about stem cells at 1:32:20.
EmCell, a Kyiv-based company in Ukraine, is the only one that offers fetal stem cell therapy.
Exosomes at 1:39:20
Since October 2018, I have not heard from Ambrosia’s founder Jesse Karmazin.
1:42:51 My March 26, 2019 interview with Dr. Ed Park at Recharge Biomedical:…qA&index=6
1:44:31 NAD+
Gene therapy 1:47.39
Please network with other longevity enthusiasts on the Internet & in person to grow this movement quicker.
1:58:48 mitochondria
Long-lived animals
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