Immortalists Magazine – A Revolution in Thought, 4th Edition


Dinorah has released another stunning issue of Immortalists Magazine. She has focused the contributions of her authors on the pandemic in order to achieve impressive results.

Gennady Stoliarov, our friend and Chairman of the USTP has written a number of outstanding articles. Gennady launches a savage attack on the American healthcare system.

I can tell that Gennady is viscerally affected by mass deaths. His article is full of passionate anger. He appears to be on a crusade and I confess that I am considering arming myself to fight.

\”…there is no will to prioritize health and longevity in the economy or society.\”

People are incredibly short-tempered. You might think that, based on previous epidemics and the way people have reacted to them, everyone would be back to trivial TV debates and arguing over the latest inanities uttered by the oompa-loompa moron. Are there vaccines against SARS, MERS or HIV? There are none. To create a vaccine that works, you need money, willpower and focus. I know that the mumps vaccine took four years to develop, which is the fastest in the world. This virus could have a second or third wave, which would act as a nightmare alarm that cannot be turned off. It is possible that the mountain of dead bodies could at some point focus the nation’s attention to finding a lasting solution. Gennady deserves credit for his foresight in engaging the USTP immediately with a series proposals designed to facilitate that lasting solution.

What would the world be like if our number one priority were to make everyone healthy enough so they could live forever?

Find the most radical ideas.

Shaping Human Evolution


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