Hubble Space Telescope Has Plenty of Life Left – ‘Galactic Collision Images’ Show It

Hubble isn’t done yet as the aging space telescope sends back stunning new ‘Galactic Collision Images’

Think again if you thought that the Hubble Space Telescope would soon be overtaken by the new James Webb Space Telescope.

Webb, now on its way to an observing position one million miles away from Earth, has a mirror measuring 6.6 meters compared to Hubble’s 2.4 meter mirror. This means that it can collect six times as much light.

Should we compare Hubble with Webb? No-Webb deals with infrared light while Hubble is primarily concerned with optical (visible).

Hubble just released a stunning image. It’s one of many in the past few weeks that show that the old telescope still has plenty of life in it.

Above, the main image for this article was released yesterday. It shows a spiral galaxie called NGC105, located 215 million miles away in Pisces constellation. The image also shows a smaller galaxy, on the top left. Are they colliding? It’s just a coincidence that the two objects are aligned in the sky. This smaller galaxy is far away.

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