How to consult a geriatrician when you’re facing fading health

You Can Falter Within Your Own Shell

How does it feel when you realize that your doctor is not able to help you?

A while back, I saw a photo of a woman much younger than me, a geriatrician. The picture was of two people just talking. It made me wonder how it would feel to be an older person who is consulting with a geriatrician.

It’s possible to assume that seeing a GP is similar, but this seems unlikely. You are likely to be seeing a GP if your illness or disease is not life-threatening, nor debilitating. You went to your doctor, knowing that he or she could cure you. If you’re young, you may be cured by taking medicine or doing some physical therapy. You are confident that the pain or discomfort you’re experiencing will soon disappear. You’ll be back to the way your life used to look, and as healthy as before.

When you visit a geriatrician, things are different. A geriatrician takes care of elderly patients. This is done to ensure that they have the best possible quality of life, despite their failing bodies, which become less resilient with age and less responsive to treatment. Existing medications and exercise programs can help to alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life for elderly people, but most age-related illnesses are not curable.


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