How about becoming immortal in 10 years for only $10,000? Exploring the potential of this technology

Become immortal for only 10,000 dollars? This decade, upload your mind!
It sounds like becoming immortal through Mind Uploading will only be possible in the next two hundred years. Amazingly, scientists at Nectome have been working to give us the ability of living forever in a computer simulation for only 10000$ by the end this decade.

Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering for Google, has predicted that by 2045, people will be able upload their brains into computers, and thus become digitally immortal. Kurzweil has been making this claim for years. In 2013, Kurzweil made a speech at the Global Futures 2045 International Congress, in New York. This event claims to hold similar beliefs. Researchers in the fields of neuroscience and artificial intelligent, including Marvin Minsky, have also advocated mind uploading.

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00:00 The Future Is Near.
01:46 This procedure is performed.
The development of the technology.
Is it possible to achieve this?
The ethical concerns.
07:40 Last words

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