Heales Funds Rejuvenation Experiments: Exploring Longevity

Studies financed

Hello rejuvenation friends! Did you know Heales, a Belgian company led by Didier Ceurnelle, finances two very interesting experiments with great rejuvenation researchers Harold Katcher (in Katcher’s case) and Rodolfo Goya (in Goya’s case) to test whether Elixir and plasma from young rats can extend the life of rats in a significant way? Today I found out on Google that six days ago, Didier published this article in Heales website: https://heales.org/wp-content/plugins/multisite-language-switcher/flags/. Didier explained both experiments in detail in the article and provided links to the full protocol in two Word documents. The power of collaboration between people like Didier, Harold, and Rodolfo, who are passionate about rejuvenation, is incredible. I’m not sure if this experiment will significantly extend the lives of rats, but these two experiments are worth a closer look by the rejuvenation community.

Despite the enormous progress made in medicine and in research, we do not yet know how to stay healthy past 85 years old.


Studies financed by Heales: Effect of young rat plasma on the lifespan of aging rats. 21 december 2020.

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