Harvard Study Reveals Amazing Results in Reversing Vascular Aging by Using NAD Boosting NMN compound

In a new study, NMN and NAD reverse the ageing of blood vessels

In a study published on March 22nd, Harvard Professor Dr. David Sinclair reported that the NAD-boosting NMN compounds reverses aging of blood vessels and restores muscular strength. This article was originally published on LongevityFacts. Brady Hartman is the author.

Dr. David Sinclair and his team used the NAD-boosting molecule NMN to reverse blood vessel and muscular aging in mice while increasing their exercise endurance. As Dr. Sinclair says.

The researchers said, \”We have discovered a way of reversing vascular ageing by increasing the presence of molecules that naturally occur in the body and enhance the physiological response to exercising\” and that the approach \”stimulates blood vessel growth in mice as well as boosting stamina and durability.\” They added that the \”approach stimulates blood vessels and boosts endurance and stamina in mice and sets up the stage for therapeutics in humans that address the spectrum diseases that arise from the vascular aging.\”


NMN and NAD Reverse Aging of Blood Vessels in New Study

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