Harvard researchers ramp up NAD+ mouse project with new $75,000 stretch goal

NAD+ Mouse New Stretch Goal Announced

Yesterday we announced that the NAD+ Mouse Project had been completed after a successful fundraiser. However, it appears we aren’t done yet. Harvard’s research team has announced that they have set a new stretch target for the final two days of this campaign.

Dr. David Sinclair has offered to match up to $5000 of the next donations made to the project in order to reach the $75,000 final goal. Donations are now worth twice as much for the next 2 days.

The final goal will be to add even more comprehensive testing, such as end-of-life pathology (frequency and specificity of neoplasms/tumors/cancer) and MRI diagnostics (body composition, lean-to-fat ratio). The researchers would be able to collect more data and assess the impact of the drug on age-related diseases, cancer risks, and body composition.


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