Harvard AI Reveals the Shortest Way to Human Happiness

Harvard AI identifies the shortest path to human happiness
Deep Longevity published an article in Aging-US describing a machine-learning approach to human psychology, in collaboration with Nancy Etcoff Ph.D. of Harvard Medical School. She is a leading authority on happiness, beauty, and well-being.

Based on the Midlife in America study, the authors developed two digital models of psychology.

First, a group of deep neural network ensembles predicts the chronological age and psychological wellbeing of respondents in 10 years based on information from a psychology survey. This model shows the trajectory of the human brain as it ages. The model also shows that with age, the ability to form meaningful relationships, mental autonomy, and environmental mastery develop. The study also shows that while the importance of personal progress continues to decline, the feeling of purpose in life is only lost after about 40-50 years. These findings add to the growing body on knowledge about socioemotional selectionivity and hedonic adaption in the context adult personality development.


Harvard Developed AI Identifies the Shortest Path to Human Happiness

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