Genetic Polymorphisms and Exceptional Longevity in Humans: A Systematic Review.

Review and meta-analysis on genetic polymorphisms that are associated with exceptional longevity in humans

Life extension genetics.

Genetics is one of the most important factors that contributes to exceptional longevity. To date, however, the genetic studies that have examined exceptional longevity are inconclusive. The aim of this comprehensive review is to identify the genetic variants that are associated with exceptional lifespan by performing meta-analyses.

Meta-analyses were performed on genetic polymorphisms that had previously been associated with exceptional longevity (85+). Meta-analyses of genetic polymorphisms previously associated with exceptional longevity (85+) were undertaken.

Five polymorphisms were associated with exceptionally long life spans. The pooled effect size (odds-ratios) ranged from 0.42 for APOE e4 to 1.45 for FOXO3A.


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