Fruit Fly Study Uncovers the Mysteries of Mutations and Ageing

Are mutations that cause aging more common than we previously thought?

According to a new study on fruit flies, the number of mutations which can cause aging is likely to be higher than was previously thought. Scientists at Linkoping University in Sweden conducted a study that supports a theory on the type of mutations responsible for aging. The results were published in BMC Biology.

We are born, we grow old and then we die. As we age, many of the functions in our bodies slowly but surely deteriorate. Eventually an organism will die. Although this thought is not very encouraging, most people accept that death is a part of the life cycle of all creatures. But those who study evolution biology are unable to explain why this is so.

\”The evolution and aging are, in a sense, paradoxes.\” \”Evolution causes organisms to adapt continuously, but it hasn’t resulted in their ceasing ageing,\” says Urban Friberg, senior lecturer in the Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Linkoping University and the leader of the research.


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