First Clinical Trial of Rapamycin as an Anti-Aging Agent in Healthy Seniors Shows Promising Results

Researchers report promising results from a clinical trial of rapamycin against aging

Researchers have just published promising clinical trial results for rapamycin in the first-ever test of its safety and antiaging effects on Senior adults. This article was originally published on LongevityFacts. Brady Hartman is the author.

Rapamycin was tested on healthy adults in a recent clinical trial. The results showed that the drug is safe to use for anti-aging over the short term.

The rapamycin clinical trial was the first to test the safety of this compound as an anti-aging medication in Seniors who were healthy. This clinical trial involved 25 older adults aged 70-95 who were healthy. Participants in the study were given either a 1mg daily rapamycin or a placebo for 8 weeks. The study’s main conclusion was that the drug is safe and has no significant side effects. Researchers published their findings on February 3, in the journal Experimental Gerontology, and concluded.


Researchers report promising anti-aging rapamycin clinical trial results

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