Finding the right stuff is the first challenge of becoming the first transhuman.

Transhumanism: The First Transhumans Need the Right Stuff

Scientists are researching the immediate and practical applications of bio-molecular technology, but they seem to have forgotten our largest and most important organ, our skin.

Who will be the official first transhuman? Who will be the first transhuman? Why wait decades to get started? This article describes a way to accelerate the process, as well as the challenges involved.

Definition of the Goal:

While the terms ‘cyborgs’ and a ‘transhumans’ are often interchangeable, and one can aspire towards a combination of the two, there are some fundamental differences. As Dr. Natasha Vita More has explained, the transhuman is genetically programmed to achieve indefinite life extensions and a wide range of other mental and physical capabilities, as well as other benefits. Transhumans also adhere to specific transhumanist ideals and can actively promote the humane goals set forth by the transhumanists, such as ensuring social justice and peace for everyone, and advancing space colonization in order to achieve an infinite life. A cyborg, on the other hand, may not adhere to transhumanist values and goals and may not even want to live indefinitely or longer, but is fitted with devices that will give them enhanced abilities (such as improved vision, hearing or running speed). ).


Becoming the First Transhuman: A Call For The Right Stuff

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