Felix Werth, the Hero of Rejuvenation field Contests German General Elections

Felix Werth: The revitalization field on the German ballot
Hello everybody! This episode features an interview with Felix Werth. He is a true hero in the field of rejuvenation: in 2015, he founded a German party to fight for more investment in this field. His party will be contesting general elections on September 26, 2021. He needs our support now because his party only has until the 19th of July to gather enough signatures in order to be eligible to run for elections in 14 German States, which cover 98% or the population. So be sure to check the interview and the party’s website (https://parteifuergesundheitsforschung.de) to see how you can help.

In this episode, Nicolas and Nina speak with Felix Werth, founder and leader, of the German Party for Health Research. This party has a single goal: to spend 10% of government funds on research for treatments for age-related illnesses. The party will run in the German general election on September 26th, 2021.

Party for Health Research website: https://parteifuergesundheitsforschung.de.

Fundraising page: https://parteifuergesundheitsforschung.de/superwahljahr-spendenaktion.

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