FDA Approves Rune Labs StrivePD Software for Tracking Parkinson’s symptoms with Apple Watch

Rune Labs receives FDA approval to track Parkinson’s symptoms using Apple Watch

Rune Labs is a precision neurology firm that has announced the US Food and Drug Administration has granted its StrivePD software eco-system for Parkinson’s Disease 510(k). This allows it to collect data on patient symptoms using Apple Watch measurements.

StrivePD combines powerful wearable technology with self-reported symptom data and brain imaging, electrophysiology and genetic data to enable a data driven approach for Parkinson’s care management and trial design.

Longevity. Technology: This clearance allows the Rune Labs StrivePD app to provide precision clinical care for thousands of Parkinson’s sufferers who use this device in their everyday lives.


Rune Labs secures FDA clearance to use Apple Watch to track Parkinson’s symptoms

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