Exploring Transhumanism: A Comprehensive Guide to the Transhumanist FAQ

Transhumanist FAQ
Transhumanist FAQ developed in mid-1990s. In 1998, it became a formalized FAQ thanks to the inspiring work of transhumanists such as Alexander Chislenko. Max More. Anders Sandberg. Natasha Vita More. Eliezer Yudkowsky. Arjen kamphius. Greg Burch and David Pearce provided extensive editorial comments. Ralph Merkle’s article was the inspiration for the presentation of cryonics. Ideas, criticisms, questions, phrases, and sentences to the original version were contributed by (in alphabetical order): Alex ([email protected]), Brent Allsop, Brian Atkins, Scott Badger, Doug Bailey, Harmony Baldwin, Damien Broderick, Greg Burch, David Cary, John K Clark, Dan Clemensen, Damon Davis, Jeff Dee, Jean-Michel Delhotel, Dylan Evans, [email protected], Daniel Fabulich, Frank Forman, Robin Hanson, Andrew Hennessey, Tony Hollick, Joe Jenkins, William John, Michelle Jones, Arjen Kamphius, Henri Kluytmans, Eugene Leitl, Michael Lorrey, [email protected], Peter C. McCluskey, Erik Moeller, J. R. Molloy, Max More, Bryan Moss, Harvey Newstrom, Michael Nielsen, John S. Novak III, Dalibor van den Otter, David Pearce, [email protected], Thom Quinn, Anders Sandberg, Wesley R. Schwein, [email protected], Allen Smith, Geoff Smith, Randy Smith, Dennis Stevens, Derek Strong, Remi Sussan, Natasha Vita-More, Michael Wiik, Eliezer Yudkowsky, and [email protected].

This FAQ has evolved over the years to include a comprehensive account of transhumanism. Extropy Institute was the source of information used to create the first Transhumanist FAQ version 1.0, in the 1990s. The Transhumanist Manifesto was conceived in 1983 by Natasha Vita More and revised from 1998 to 2020 to reflect the evolving worldview. It was included in the CD that was placed aboard the Cassini Huygens spacecraft during its mission to Saturn.

Nick Bostrom contributed substantial information on future scenarios. Nearly 100 people from ExI and Aleph contributed to the new material and many sections were reworked. The following people were particularly helpful in the preparation of version 2.0: Eliezer Yudkowsky who provided editorial support with comments on specific issues of substance, Dale Carrico, who proofread the entire document, Michael LaTorra, who did the exact same thing for the second, and \”Reason\”, who went back over the entire document, along with Frank Forman and Sarah Banks Forman. Michael Anissimov (in alphabetical sequence), Samantha Atkins, Milan Cirkovic Jose Luis Cordeiro George Dvorsky James Hughes G.E.


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