Exploring the Spirituality of Immortality: A Kabbalist’s Response to Ray Kurzweil’s Thoughts

Ray Kurzweil’s Thoughts on Immortality – A Kabbalists Response
Ray Kurzweil is an American Jewish inventor, futurist and futurist who claims that in ten years the technology will have advanced to such a level that man can defeat death and old age.

In relation to Kurzweil’s statement, my question is: Why do we live constantly all the time? Why should we live if there is no death?

If we achieve the purpose of our life while we are still alive, we will be in a perfect, spiritual and eternal state. We will no longer feel a sense of lack. We live our lives constantly feeling a lack of something and needing to fill that lack. We can achieve a state in which we no longer feel a sense of lack but instead have an abundance.

Spiritual development has nothing to with technology or medicine. It is about our inner world. It has to do with our inner world, i.e. Even if we die physically, it will not be death.

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This post is written by the editor for Dr. Michael Laitman, Kabbalist’s YouTube channel.


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