Exploring the Role of Inflammaging, Aging, and Diet: Uncovering a Systemic Regulatory Network

What are the links between inflammation, diet and aging? First description of the systemic regulatory network
Mild persistent inflammation of tissue is one of the biological markers of aging in humans. It is also a risk factor of diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer. Prof. Francesco Neri, Dr. Mahdi Raasa and the Leibniz Institute on Aging (FLI), Jena, have described at the molecular-level the regulatory network driving the general multiple-organ inflammation response. They also showed that dietary restrictions can affect this regulatory circuit and inhibit inflammation.

Inflammation, as an immune response, is useful. Our immune system uses inflammation to remove damaged tissue or fight pathogens. Once the immune system has done its job, inflammation will subside: the infection and the wound are healed. Age-related chronic inflammation does not affect a specific area, unlike acute inflammations. The innate immunity system increases its activity, leading to chronic low-grade swelling. Inflammaging is another name for this aging-related inflammation.


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