Exploring the Potential of the Life Extension Industry: How It Can Reboot Health, Wellness and the Economy

Want to live longer? The Life Extension Industry will Reboot Health, Wellness and the Economy

Want to live a healthier, longer and better life? I agree.

Albert Szent Gyorgyi, who discovered ascorbic (vitamin C) acid in 1937, won the Nobel Prize. Vitamin C is a substance that helps the body use fats, carbohydrates and proteins more efficiently. This discovery was of great importance, not only because it saved and extended many lives but also because it contributed to the foundations for modern nutrition. Szent Gyorgyi himself lived a long and healthy life. He died in 1986, at the age 93. He is perhaps best known for the words he spoke on his 90th Birthday: \”I wish that I could be 75 once again!\”

This comment is sure to elicit a few snorts. Especially after the CDC recently reduced American life expectancy from 78 years to just 77. Could 75 be the new age of 40, when we, like Szent Gyorgyi, are just getting started? If the growing life extension industry is anything to go by, we could be just on the verge of this. We may even enjoy life until the very end. This brings us to a morbid notion of mortality, that end state we all try to avoid or at least delay.


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