Exploring the Possibility of Enhancing Intelligence

Improving Intelligence

Since the French psychologist Alfred Binet created the first IQ tests, society has been preoccupied with improving intelligence. Since then, the idea that intelligence can be measured has opened up new avenues to figuring out ways it can be increased.

Psychological scientists are at the forefront of efforts to modify intelligence. Intelligence is largely hereditary, as it is so genetically determined. There are some areas where it is malleable.

Fluid intelligence and crystallized Intelligence are the two main categories of intelligence. Fluid intelligence is being able to solve problems in an abstract manner and reason abstractly. Fluid intelligence is demonstrated by someone who can find dozens of uses for a toothbrush, or any other object. This is the type of intelligence which tends to decrease as we age. Crystallized intelligence is the ability to read, comprehend and acquire intellectual skills. This form of intelligence tends to improve with age.


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