Exploring the Possibilities of a Transhuman Future with Paul Kingsnorth

**YOUTUBE Interview with Author PAUL KENSNORTH on \”The Coming Transhuman Future\”.
Transhumanism — An intellectual and cultural movement which affirms that it is possible and desirable to fundamentally improve the human condition by applying reason. This includes developing and making available technologies for the purpose of eliminating aging, as well as enhancing human intellect, physical and psychological capabilities. — whatistranshumanism.org.

\”…I’m sure I’ve searched for Eden my whole life. We all have, I believe. It is my belief that the primal communion between humans and other species existed once and may still exist in certain pockets. Modern people can only remember or wish for it. The search may be harmful if you are distracted from the truth that, despite the horrors of humanity, the world still holds wonders if we could only get our minds out of their anxious state. It is much easier to write than it is to do.
Alexandria, my new novel, is a book that explores the conflict between two opposing worldviews: nature versus culture, mind versus body, and human versus machine. This is part of the argument, I believe. This terrible, great machine is eating our world, but it is also a manifestation us.
My worldview changed to show me that the \”enemy\” that we may have in our hearts is firmly lodged there, and that it’s impossible to get out of it.

The Lecturer

Paul Kingsnorth, an Orthodox English thinker and writer who lives in west Ireland, is a writer of Orthodox English. He was a former vice-editor at The Ecologist, and co-founder of Dark Mountain Project.

Kingsnorth writes nonfiction that focuses on macro-themes like globalisation and environmental issues. He also addresses the challenges faced by humanity due to trends at the civilisational level. His fiction is mythological and multilayered.

The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth, his debut novel, was shortlisted for the RSL Encore Award 2017 and won the Gordon Burn Prize in 2014. It also made the longlist for the Man Booker Prize as well as the Folio Prize, Desmond Elliott Prize and the Goldsmiths Prize. Beast, his second novel in the Buckmaster Trilogy was shortlisted for RSL Encore Award 2017 The non-fiction titles One No, Many Yeses, Real England, Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist, Savage Gods, and Kidland, along with two poetry collections, Songs from the Blue River and Kidland, are also his work.


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