Exploring the Possibilities: A Discussion on Cyborgs, Transhumanism and Futurists

A Conversation on Transhumanism, Cyborgs and Futurists
Transhumanist and futureist Cyborgs

Boston, MA
28th March 2018

Terminator, Blade Runner and other science fiction stories about cyborgs are well known. How far does reality differ from science fiction? Can scientists turn humans into machines that are stronger, smarter, and who knows, immortal?

Join us for a conversation about the future of transhumanism with Ed Boyden, neuroscientist and leader of the Synthetic Neurobiology Group at the MIT Media Lab and McGovern Institute for Brain research; Mark O’Connell a journalist and author, To Be a Machine : Adventures Among Cyborgs Utopians Hackers and Futurists Solving The Modest Problem Of Death; and Marcelo Gleiser a physicist and director of the Institute for Cross-Disci


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