Exploring the Grand Tsakli: A Reintroduction to Ancient Buddhist Rituals

The 20th Grand Tsakli and the relaunch of tsakli

These (previously undisclosed) tsakli come from all Vajrapani Schools. In the West, unlike Eastern cultures we don’t require a \”Guru\”, and tsaklis can be used to \”self-initiate\”. Buddhism does not make claims about the truth of supernatural beings, or impossible events. Psychomorphological approaches compatible with science and not in contradiction to it are the future.

This book is the fourth in the series and contains 14 rare and unusual C17th and C18th \”Grand Tsaklis\”, four other late C18th examples, reportedly from Tsurphu Monastry. It also includes two very large tsakli, one of which depicts a wind-horse, and the other a figure dressed in historically early clothing with butterlamps, male and female antelope, and an elephant. The front and reverse of all tsakli (texts are included).

The 13 plus 1 (from different series of grandes tsaklis) provide rituals that should be performed during certain times of the calendar year to promote longevity and keep away evil influences. In the compartments you can see astrological and other motifs, ritual implements and so on. The triangles contain the important text. Some are damaged (see below missing upper part of the red border). All 20 are extremely rare.

They are compartmentalized, but in a different way. I think they are from the late 18th century. The reverse has intricate text patterns in feathers (see below). The text (eagle-wings) of the Garuda deity bird-headed deity are reflected in paintings of Garudu which feature on top sections of each front. The four grand tsakli were quite dark under normal lighting (one had a slight burn mark). I enhanced the brightness digitally (I don’t usually enhance the tsaklis).

20 Grand Tsakli of Tibet and relaunch of tsakli.org

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