Exploring the Failures and Opportunities of Immortality with Peter Ward on Feedback Loop ep 75

Peter Ward, Feedback Loop, ep 75
Peter Ward, a business and technology journalist is our guest this week. Peter Ward released The Price of Immortality, The Race to Live Forever earlier this year. In it, he investigated the various movements and organizations seeking to prolong human life. From the Church of Perpetual Life, in Florida, to the Silicon Valley tech giants, he explored them all.

This episode explores Peter’s discoveries, which take us on a journey from cryonics, to mind-uploading, to supplements, to gene editing and more. We discuss how to achieve immortality and the details surrounding senescent and telomere cells. Also, we explore the pros and cons of living long and healthy, and the most promising efforts.

Find Peter’s work on PenguinRandomHouse.com or follow him at twitter.com/PeterWardJourno.

Host : Steven Parton — twitter / linkedin

Music by: Amine el Filali.


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