Exploring Reproductive Longevity and Aging with Dr. Jennifer Garrison on the Learning With Lowell Show

Dr. Jennifer Garrison – Reproductive longevity, Ageing, R&D and funding — Learning with Lowell
Jennifer Garrison, assistant professor at Buck Institute for Research on Aging and Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology of University of California San Francisco (UCSF), is also a member of the Davis School of Gerontology of the University of Southern California.

Over 321 books, from 170 plus interviews in 5 years.

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The Learning With Lowell series is for everyday mammals. This show will teach us about leadership, science and how people are changing the world. It is our goal to learn more about people we would not normally hear. Lowell Thompson, the host of the show, is a serial problem-solver, entrepreneur, and lifelong autodidact.

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Shownotes/ Timestamps.
Introducing Jennifer Garrison.
01:20 Broken Science funding.
10:10 Progress and accountability
12:10 Why do we not have the Garrison system?
20:48 Cost of running a laboratory & university and support system costs.
25:18 Neuropeptides, aging and the aging process.
30:40 Complexity and neuropeptides.
How do neuropeptides determine where they are going?
Differences and divergences in neuropeptides between humans and animals.
44:42 Reproductive System
46:20 Regenerating reproductive system and aging
48:55 Support for women’s reproductive health
51:35 Clinical trials involving women and diverse populations.
The first domino.
Why women’s health is important to you even if you are not a woman.
01:00.23 How to turn on or off menopause.
01:04:45 Ageing causes.
01:06:00 Projects and thoughts for 2023
What she needs in order to get the best out of Buck.
01:13:30 OBGYN problems and issues that women face.
01:20 Resources for women and physicians
01:26:58 Books.
01:29.50 LzzyHalesLegs q listener for identifying areas to improve.

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