Exploring Lifespan Interventions with Dr Brian Kennedy: Why Rapamycin is the Gold Standard for Validation

Dr Brian Kennedy — Validating aging interventions, and why Rapamycin is gold
Dr Brian Kennedy explains the importance of human trials and how they can be used to verify longevity interventions.

Brian Kennedy, who is involved in a number of anti-aging projects that are of interest to the industry, is one of its busiest individuals. Recently, he was at the Longevity Investors Conference where he discussed some of the most recent discoveries in longevity research. He also gave an overview of the longevity industry.

The Longevity Investors Conference is the largest and most exclusive conference for investors only in the world. The conference offers expert education, investment opportunities and networking opportunities. It also provides relevant insights into the rapidly growing field of longevity. We were privileged to be able to meet and speak with so many influential opinion leaders.

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