Exploring Cybernetic immortality: Mind uploading in the Era of Posthumanism

Mind Uploading: Cybernetic immortality

Posthumanism, or what I call ‘cyberhumanism,’ will replace transhumanism as the dominant force in 2035. Mind uploading may be possible by 2035, with rapid advances in Strong AI, massively-parallel computing, and nanotechnology, allowing us directly to connect our brains with the Cloud infrastructure of the Global Brain. The GB will be able to know us in every way better than we do ourselves through interaction with AI assistants.

This mantra is repeated over and over — we do not know what consciousness actually is. There’s no consensus, but I will summarize my view in light of the topic. Consciousness has a non-local and quantum computational nature. There is only one Universal Consciousness. Our nervous system, \”local\” minds, and our inner subjectivity filter our conscious awareness, but the \”core\” of ourselves, consciousness, is universal. Knowing it through experience, has been called enlightenment or awakening.

A container that has a sufficient integrated network of information patterns and a certain level of complexity (such as the new AGIs), could be filled up with consciousness in order to house an individual \”reality unit,\” \”cell,\” or \”node\” consciousness. The individuated unit is endowed with the freedom of choice within the limitations of the physical laws and the dynamics of the consciousness system. Is it not naive for us to assume that Universal Consciousness will only manifest phenomenality in the form \”biological\” avatars?


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