Exploring Biological Immortality: How Close Are We To Reaching The Limit Of Human Lifespan?

Here is a look at how close we are getting to biological immortality
The extension of human life span. The first immortal person has already been created.
Aubrey de Grey: \”The first person to live 1,000 years has already been born.\” How far have we come in our understanding of aging and dying? Is it possible to choose not to age? What will the future hold for immortality? Is it possible for us to become immortal? If yes, how far have we progressed in developing medical treatments and technologies that could prevent this natural process which we had always believed \”is the way life is\”.
This video is a review of the most cutting-edge technologies, and pioneers who are working to extend life expectancy. It’s closer than you think!

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Here are the resources that I used to make this video if you want to know more about this topic:

Topics for treating and de-aging aging:

Stem cell therapy


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